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Meal subscription services are available to attend to your mealtime needs. But how do you know the one you prefer?

With this in mind, we’ll be comparing two popular meal delivery services: Freshly vs HelloFresh.

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About Freshly & HelloFresh

While it may seem like both, send you everything you need to savor a tasty dinner and quit fretting about time, both share a few contrasting qualities.

Freshly delivers prepared meals, while with Hello Fresh, you get meal kits.

Freshly saves you the hassle by sending a box that contains prepared meals directly to your door. No stress, heat for 3 minutes, and eat!

HelloFresh delivers the right amount of fresh ingredients.

Perfect if you can’t go to the grocery store.

The package contains the perfect combination of pre-portioned, hand-picked recipes by culinary experts, alongside an easy-to-follow recipe guide.

The meal-kit company’s chef-picked recipes become a minimum of two servings.

Good right? Especially if an unexpected guest decides to visit you.

For quick grasp. Here are a few features of Freshly vs HelloFresh

Freshly HelloFresh
Portion size per meal 1 2–4
Gluten-free Yes No
Time to prepare 2–3 minutes 30 minutes or less
Cost per serving $8.99–$11.79 $ 7.99–$11.99
Shipping fee Varies with plan $9.99
What you get A box of Cooked meal A box of preportioned ingredients and a recipe guide
Customer’s rating 4.3 / 5.0 4.9 / 5.0

Are you eager to unravel the differences between Freshly and HelloFresh?

Let’s take a deeper dive.

Diversity of Menu

Both companies take pride in the variety of meals they bring to your dinner table.

Freshly provides you with menus ranging from American cuisine such as Savory-Sweet Chicken Teriyaki to Asian Cauliflower Shell Beef Bolognese.

Freshly dishes contain protein, gluten-free and soy-free ingredients.

There are paleo options for those interested in dairy products and legumes, while vegetarian diets are available if you’re vegan.

The salty-sweet flavor chicken teriyaki sauced with tantalizing coconut nectar will leave you craving all evening.

Meals are in categories of plant-based, chef’s special and freshlyfit.

Freshly brings you easy and tasty menu options to modify your protein and calorie intake.

Ket-Friendly Chicken is a freshlyfit menu, while chef’s special is a Southern-Inspires Pork Chop cuisine; Cauliflower Mac & Cheese is a plant-based cuisine if you need a dairy-free meal.

HelloFresh’s variety of meals is accessible across different categories.

Saucy Pork Burrito is a spicy and calorie smart recipe available as Takeout Favorite.

Spicy Crispy Kickin’ Cayenne Chicken Cutlets is a 5 star rated recipe on the Hall of Fame menu.

Likewise, Gourmet Plus and Taste Tour recipes are on the menu by category.

The recipes are updated weekly to optimize the diversity.

Preparation Time

Wondering what the difference in prep time for Freshly and HelloFresh is?

Freshly is an alternative if 30 minutes feels like a long waiting time when you’re starving.

Freshly single-serving portion needs at most 3 minutes to heat up in a microwave before eating.

You don’t need to prep or indulge in unnecessary clean-up with Freshly because they cook the meal and deliver fresh in a sealed box.

With Freshly, the only step to give your dinner a refreshing look is just a few minutes away.

HelloFresh cooking span between 15-30 minutes, depending on the recipe. This is because a fair amount of time is essential to convert a heap of ingredients into a top-notch cuisine.

The recipe card reduces your burden of cooking if you’re a beginner.

Don’t fuss if you are trying out a new recipe for the first time. You can ring the support team if you’re experiencing difficulty at every stage of the cooking procedure.

HelloFresh puts together nutritious recipes that ignite cravings and sparkle the dinner table.

Culinary Skills

Prior knowledge about recipes are not required to use both meal services, but it can help you make a fast and easy decision from the vast categories of menus.

Freshly’s concept revolves around sending you a cooked meal based. Instead of speculating how the meal is prepared, you can revel in the thought of receiving a nutritious meal.

Contrary to popular opinion, you can order meals you know little about on HelloFresh and still cook a tasty meal like someone with culinary experience.

How? The recipe card consists of an easy step by step guide to prepare a great meal.

Looking for an organic vegan meal that will be ready in just three steps?, check out Green Chef vs HelloFresh.

Recipe Simplicity

Freshly’s heat and eat principle is a beautiful rhythm to dance to if you’re struggling with a 9-5 job.

If you barely have time to settle more demanding tasks, the last thing you want to encounter is the stress of having a good meal. Freshly deals with this barrier in a way that looks like magic. You choose a meal of preference from the menu tab, Freshly cooks and deliver.

HelloFresh lets you navigate smoothly in selecting and customizing your plans, but the preparation time can be overwhelming.

The recipe card includes information for both two and four servings which can seem confusing if you are a newbie to the service.

Bottom line:

Freshly meals are easy to eat, and they make not cooking fun compared to the HelloFresh preparation process.

Portion Size

Freshly offers an amply sized meal per serving which looks smaller but weighs 13 ounces, making it larger than similar meal vendors. This is one of many standards that earn Freshly good customer reviews.

HelloFresh allows you to customize the number of servings you need every meal and offers you the right amount of pre-portioned ingredients to prepare two or four portions.

Dietary Control

Finding a good delivery service that caters to your dietary choices can be time-consuming.

And, Freshly and HelloFresh address your dietary limitations and desires in different ways.

Freshly lets you explore the menu based on the ingredients in a specific meal, such as gluten-free, calories, high-protein, carbs, fat, and sodium.

Using the “sort” and “filter” options will be a fast approach to getting what you want quickly from its stack of menus.

Each meal pick shows the complete ingredients and nutritional details plus Freshly is certified by Gluten Intolerance Group.

While HelloFresh may offer the pescatarian and calorie smart diet, its meal kit recipes are not precisely gluten or dairy-free. But it is conscious of these major allergens: wheat, egg, soybeans, milk, shellfish, peanuts and tree nuts.

Meal Shelf life

Freshly’s shelf life is limited to 3-5 days, after which it may start losing its seasonal taste and freshness.

HelloFresh’s high-quality ingredients can be refrigerated and used based on needs. But then, you might have the best mealtime when consumed fresh. Be informed that the meat can at any time expire 3 days after the delivery date.

Meal Plan and Prices

Freshly vs HelloFresh are quite different in price. But both are similar in charging less per meal when you add more meals.

Below is Freshly pricing;

Freshly: Single serving pricing

Price per serving Weekly + Shipping fee Total
4 meals $11.79 $47.16 $6.99 $53.82
6 meals $9.99 $59.94 $6.99 $66.93
8 meals $9.49 $75.92 $8.99 $84.91
10 meals $9.29 $92.90 $10.99 $103.89
12 meals $8.99 $92.90 $11.99 $119.87

Hello Fresh: Two-person pricing

Price per serving No of servings Weekly price +Shipping Total
Two meal  recipes $11.99 4 $47.96 $9.99 $57.95
Three meal recipes $9.99 6 $59.94 $9.99 $69.93
Four meal recipes $9.49 8 $75.92 $9.99 $85.91
Five meal recipes $8.99 10 $89.90 $9.99 $99.89
Six meal recipes $8.49 12 $101.88 $9.99 $111.87

HelloFresh: Four-person pricing

Price per serving No of servings Weekly price +Shipping Total
Two meal recipes $9.49 8 $75.92 $9.99 $85.91
Three meal recipes $8.49 12 $101.88 $9.99 $111.87
Four meal recipes $7.99 16 $127.84 $9.99 $137.83
Five meal recipes $7.99 20 $159.80 $9.99 $169.79
Six meal recipes $7.99 24 $191.76 $9.99 $201.75

Shipping and Customer support

Both Freshly and HelloFresh have active and responsive support teams.

Freshly engages with its customers via email, live chat and phone calls. With a Freshly supportive customer care representative, be sure to get all orders and account management issues resolved.

HelloFresh also attends to its customers through a real-time live chat.

That said, receiving your orders at the stipulated time hinge on your ZIP code and delivery courier.

Both meal delivery services work all seven days to give you an improved meal experience.

Change plan or Cancel order

Compared to some meal vendors, Freshly and HelloFresh make changing plans and cancelling orders a lot easier.

Freshly gives you a maximum of 5 days before delivery to initiate changes. HelloFresh expects you to make whatever changes you wish by 11:59 PST, five days before the delivery date.

A wrap

Each Freshly menu is livened with sumptuous ingredients before delivery. Freshly delivers more than just a high-quality meal but affordability and ultimate ease.

HelloFresh provides recipes that recharge your passion for cooking if you’ve been uninspired by rinse and repeat generic ingredients. HelloFresh gives room for flexibility in deciding how to navigate your subscription plan.

Both weekly meal services make eating fun and interesting because there is always something new to try for dinner.

Find which meal service meets your needs!