How long does HelloFresh last?

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HelloFresh ingredients last up to 5 days after delivery.

Meats come with an expiration time of at least three days, counting from the day you receive them.

Use your best judgment and the exact use-by date on the nutritional label.

Tip: Which meals should I cook first?

The recipe card has a badge if a meal should be cooked sooner than later.

They recommend that you prepare the likes of fish & seafood at the beginning of the week you receive them.

How long can HelloFresh sit outside?

HelloFresh can sit on your doorstep for up to 2 days after delivery.

Quick Recap

  • Max fridge life: 5 days
  • Fish and seafood should be made soonest – it’s tastier.
  • Your HelloFresh box remains fresh on your porch for up to 2 days.