Sun Basket vs Purple Carrot: Which of these Meal Delivery Services is Perfect for You

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Meal delivery services have changed the way we eat with their various meal offerings and premium quality services.

With these comparisons, we want you to have first-hand knowledge when deciding which meals services, Sun Basket or Purple Carrot, suit your needs and why.

Take a sip of wine and relax while we take you on a roller coaster of which meal delivery services cater to your food interests and lifestyle.


A brief highlight

Both Sun Basket and Purple Carrot have meal kits and prepared meals.

Sun Basket is USDA certified for its premium quality fresh organic produce sourced from the best suppliers, farmers and fishers alike. With Sun Basket, you can satisfy your cravings with healthy and sustainable meals such as Pappardelle with greens, hazelnuts, and ricotta.

Purple Carrot is known for its natural plant-based recipes that nurture weight loss and lower cholesterol intake.

They are also one of few meal delivery services that avoid the environmental impact of carbon footprint by recycling waste materials.

Meal Options

Sun Basket is known for its diversity and variability of quality mix and match recipes. With Sun Basket, you can make crispy fresh meals from organic premium ingredients.

Sun Basket offers classic meal kits, cooked meals options, and chief’s table recipes for special events.

Purple Carrot is perfect for vegan and non-vegan with zestful lifestyles. They incorporate plant-based unique recipes weekly.

Similarly, it presents exclusive meal kits options and a ready to eat menu.

Menu Option

Sun Baskets spotlights 40 dinner recipes comprising meal kits and ready to eat recipes. You can select a classic menu or family menu from their variation of recipes.

Also available is a handful of add-ons, including breakfast, lunch, pasta & sauce, proteins, and snacks.

If you need more than just meals, you can have some snacks like

  • Nut & Seeds
  • Cracker and Crisps
  • Sweet Treats
  • Jerky & Savory

With an exciting, bold flavor with a unique twist, Sun Basket is fun if you are eager to save time and add a new meal experience to your plate.

Purple Carrot’s two-servings features eight new dinner recipes weekly, while its four-servings includes four recipes. You can also choose your favorite recipe from breakfast, lunch and plantry selections.

Purple Carrot lets you stock your pantry with Thai Peanut Sauce, Original Jackfruit, Italian Garlic & Fennel Plant-Based Sausage.

Like Sun Basket, Purple Carrot is great if you love a fresh and colorful meal that has a deep breath of fresh air.

Meal Plan

Sun Basket offers you meal plans ranging from Paleo, Diabetic-friendly, Carb-conscious, Pescatarian, Gluten-free, vegetarian and more.

Sun Basket also offers two servings per meal for two people weekly. Likewise, three servings per meal for four people in a week, making it unique to families and singles.

Purple Carrot’s meal plan is gluten-free, High Protein, Quick and easy, just as the name implies.

While its meal kits offer you a two-servings and 4-servings meal plan, all you have to do is make a choice.

Recipe Variety

Sun Basket recipes obtain their inspiration from diverse cuisines all around the globe, including America, Asia, Italy, Mexico and Thailand.

With Sun Basket’s easy step-by-step guide, you create tasty meal.

Sun Basket is second to none when it comes to healthy and high-protein cuisines.

Like Sun Basket, Purple Carrot is motivated by world-class dishes from China, Morocco, Italy and Spain.

Prep and cooking time

Sun Basket cooked meals only need to heat for 3 minutes for you to eat.

Likewise, the Sun Basket meal kit recipes require 20-45 minutes to get ready.

Purple Carrot prepared meals needs just 2 minutes to heat before you eat.

Each Purple Carrot meal kit requires a maximum of 45 minutes to prepare.


Sun Basket is an outstanding meal delivery service when you talk about top-notch fresh ingredients. Sun Basket is certified as non-GMO and organic produce because all its meals are anti-biotic free and hormone-free.

Purple Carrot ingredients are not available as non-GMO, and their organic options are not as variable compared to Sun Basket’s yet. The company is more plant-based than organic.

Subscription Flexibility

Sun Basket lets you make changes such as skip, pause or cancel orders because it does not encourage commitment. But it is best to make changes the Wednesday noon before the next delivery date at 12 p.m. PT or 3 p.m. ET.

There’s no commitment to Purple Carrot plans, as you can cancel all orders if you’re no longer interested. Just make sure it is done by Tuesday at 11:59 p.m ET, the week before your next delivery matures.

Competitive pricing

Sun Basket Meal kit Pricing

Two-person meal

Meal recipe per week Price per serving Total price servings
2 $13.99 $ 55.96
3 $12.99 $ 77.94
4 $11.99 $ 95.92
5 $10.99 $109.9

Four-person meal

Meal recipe per week Price per serving Total servings price
2 $11.99 $47.96
3 $10.99 $131.88
4 $10.99 $175.84
5 $10.99 $219.8

With a starting price of $8.99, Sun Basket cooked meals are a single serving ranging from four to ten meals per week.

Purple Carrot: Meal Kit Pricing

Two-person servings

Meal per week Meal kit price Total servings price Discount upon the first week of purchase
3 $11.99 $71.94 $51.94
4 $11.99 $95.92 $75.92

Four-person servings

Meal per week Meal kit price Total servings price Discount upon the first week of purchase
2 $9.99 $77.92 $59.92
3 $9.99 $119.88 $99.88

Purple Carrot: Prepared Meals

Single serving

Meals per week Prepared meal price Total servings price Discount upon the first week of order
6 $12.99 $77.94 $57.94
8 $12.99 $103.92 $83.92
10 $12.99 $129.90 $109.90

Unlike Sun Basket, Purple Carrot offers free shipping and discounts on first orders.

Choosing which meal delivery service to try can be daunting. That said,

Get started with Sun Basket if you need:

  • Variety meal dietary options.
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, paste & sauce recipes.
  • Organic produce with no artificial additives.
  • Gluten-free and diabetic-friendly.
  • Encourages an eco-friendly atmosphere.

Sign up for Purple Carrot if you prefer:

  • Plant-based recipes.
  • Soy-free and Nut-free menu.
  • Three square meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Promotes an environment free of carbon footprints.